Treat your loved one

Treat your loved one
Weekend night, just because no one can watch the movie, I must again Miss launched his temper.
This time he did not coax me, just quietly point a cigarette.
So I broke free from his hands open, Xuan Shen and go. This is the power of the ancient art of war in quite a trick: the murderer, I thought he would be flying over, chasing apologized to me. He may be slow to hear footsteps, do not look back a simmer.
Lonely single to left for a long time and finally stopped at the busy intersection, thoughts slowly sway in the wind, thoughts, motives, or I was wrong. Also said that clear, easy-going before the people docile little girl ran in front of him became Diaomangongzhu, from time to time some wayward prank. I humbly believe I have to accept my love to all, including my fault, but critical of his endless, keeps saying this is because of love for him, a perfectionist. Perhaps my love too young too headstrong?
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I lose him? Over and over again to ask ourselves, is well aware of how important he was to me.
The next day he called me and the sound Ya Ya's; still angry with me? Wozhehuatong me I unable to speak, and turns back to the mentality of 1000 finally has an explanation, know that everything can be no thought, Unfortunately, the accounts have been recorded on yesterday. Today, I have today. He has for a long time the tears fell down.
If you're like me, though with the slightest waywardness and squeamish but also be a good girl, if you are falling in love, then you gently treat the people you love. Youth only once, not many opportunities to love and cherish all of this, do not use a wealth of emotions to create unwarranted sorrow, after all, the plot is not novel, plain Ye Hao, ordinary can be, they do not love headstrong, is the well-being .

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