Lonely Valentine's Day

Lonely Valentine's Day

In the past, this is the one I most desire, the most happy days. Valentine's for me to bring the share of surprises, share of companions, the share of romance, share of happiness. I enchants, let my heart take brilliant, life is good enough for me to be endless. Now, all this turned into a cloud. Wandering alone in this bleak world. I really want to free up in my dictionary, "Valentine," the three words. Forget this, forget our acquaintance, forget we have this possession. Forget our happy, forget our romance. To him I have had with the idea of death. But man can not live only for themselves. Made me worried about is unbearable my aging parents, they let me gripping, from their you can find people to sad old age, they could not stand the pain elderly woman mourning. Can more they want to forget but remember more clearly. Many users these days, days have sent a greeting card and message. I wish Happy Valentine's Day. After listening to their wishes what my heart was torn up as the same pain. In this Valentine's Valentine's Day, do not you say I can happy! Hey! How much grief, misery ah! Tears still cry, sad, or sad after. Wiped tears days should continue, only the lives bitter with me ah ...
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My lover a year ago, suffering from a brain tumor away from me. Valentine's Day is two days, and I am very sad, very sad. Memory but not memory recall more clearly.

Valentine's Day, I got up early for. Himself deliberately dressed up. Came to the flower shop as usual bought 999 roses, 100 red candles. Went to the grocery store, bought his favorite butter cake, cake. When the sun sets, I came to my little bedroom. Decision had with him a Valentine's Day. I like the old days, like to pull up the blue curtains, lit the candles, put on our old favorite butter cake. To more than 999 roses, put it in his thick black band around the set with the portrait of the former, players from the "love is the total injuries," the piece. Then I sat down cross-legged opposite him. Looked at his face and square type as before exposing naughty smile, listening to the injury of the ditty, and the red and blue and white soft lighting. I seem to back one year ago today.

I am loving to her, said: "My dear cloud, you are in heaven right? Today is Valentine's Day. Is our reunion day. Before all this are you ready. Now only rely on me to manage. I put this face the talent is poor, you know. You see this house, do you still satisfied, as before I lit a symbol of our good years and the candles, we love to listen to the song. unhappy place, please excuse ah. butter cake that I bought back in the early morning. you taste the taste ah, this is our old favorite. I do not know you still love. Whether you going, is my piece of mind now! And this Rose is my gift to you. before you send me all. Today you sent me ah, maybe you sent, I can not see. I give you the first time the roses too! Unfortunately this too late, if you alive, you'll be glad to get it jump three feet high. Now I think you do have to die, how do you so cruel! you let me know now how important you are.

Now think of the days you get along with, I always show of strength, what must earn a win, do not receive proper for you, I'm so sorry sorry. Chance to make up for lost. You know, without you I so hard Ao. I can not stand you're not lonely, lonely, full of brain deserted. Many times I want to come with you, but I can not imagine without me. My parents to hurt! I was not more cruel as you! I think also you do not want to see it! Only the face every day of your portrait silently thinking of you. Silent tears, imagine that we have them moved and happy. I think they think it is a pleasure. In heaven for you, you know? Some say: "look a gift horse day and night how dream." During the day I miss you desperately hope to see you in my dreams, but also record how you did not enter the world ah! After the wake, often wet with tears my pillow, waking up my parents, in their sighs suppressed cry in my. After many days I have unable to extricate themselves.
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You get sick on the eve of, tell me "when you do not find a good person like you to take care of me." But my heart only you, how could accommodate a second person like you do! How do you say I, ah, my favorite. Now you keep my body, soul back with you. You know? You also said you always by my side, always looking at me in heaven. Now, however, let me point you felt you did not exist Road. You break your promises, you are a big liar. You stole my love, stole my love. Hide quietly, so that I can not find, you Haohen heart. I Haohen you ... ... just to give you complain, forget the things you eat. To eat the cake ah. Oh, you must first make a wish.
Honey, give you so much, my heart Ye Hao by a lot. May be your soul in the days right. I know what my heart. But I do not know when to take on the happy AWC, flying to your world and visit our dreamy fairy tale. Let the full moon bring my thoughts bring me sorrow wire, bring my dreams, bring me to his care, bring my love and love ah! Time such a one, the minutes past, the night is very quiet, very quiet, so I accompanied him and forget time and space, forget self, to forget everything around, and a candle into his world .. ....

You are ready for you, what you desire is, ah, you tell me. You do not say I know that you want to know my wish is? I'll tell you. I hope soon to heaven and you is able to severe our love, then I will not let you escape. The Chuila Zhu, and no, I do not want it out, it is a symbol of our love is our witness of love, a symbol of the end off, put out a symbol of the coming doom. I do not like him to end, I want to make it always light our journey forward, even though this road bitter hard, I have always guardian.

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