Like the arrival of the rainy season

Walking in the rain
Have in many years, I do not know why a habit, like the arrival of the rainy season, rain fell like watching a long day, rain eaves, like walking in the rain, like what kind of fancy and poetic melancholy, quietly of walking in the rain, wet rain to a long absence, all my clothes and luggage, wet all my heart and memories. Which brings tears of the romantic poetry of rain, what kind of long and close feeling, what kind of grief unique and some inexplicable sudden my heart, reminds me of a very famous Song that is well-known poet Song Jiang Jie's tune "Beautiful Lady Yu - Machines": "Juvenile upstairs listening to the rain song, Candle faint Luozhang. prime listening to the rain off in a boat, river wide low cloud, west wind called off geese. now listen Rain Monk House, the temples have been the stars also. vicissitudes always ruthless, term order before, bit by bit to the dawn. "entire first term in the rain means discouraged, splashing through a person's whole life was full of endless life experience of a sense of sorrow and joy things change, the fate of unpredictable and displaced, so that a person carrying the endless grief and blurred. Many times, I read the poem, the total was its meaning of the word and the mood struck, I do not know who is living across the Millennium empathy, or themselves in it. People in this life, really hard to say clearly how their own fate after the change, what will not change with their wishes. May have been a very brilliant and Tenda, may have a very young and proud, very persistent and may have to, either their own careers, or their love, perhaps their marriage, everything will change and quietly as the human world unpredictable changes taking place, whether it is worth mentioning official pride, loss worth mentioning, both their love and marriage matter whether happy, sad worth mentioning, since we can not expect things to change.
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Even if the loss had, even sad too, even if Mingxinkegu, even painful life, even if we lost everything. When we finally left, it is ourselves, and our depleted youth. There is a long way since going to go to a lot of things we have paid a lot of youth and his years, and now those years will be gone with the wind, can never come back. Years, we can get and have fun and how much is the real hold in our hands, in order to survive, we lose our own too many things, Ru Jin Huang came between the middle-aged, not too young, no longer youth flying, walk deserted bridge frost, heavy dew Homecoming deep, walk back a hundred thousand fog switch lock-flung 9 End of the World, this Turbulence in the evening students, we can really hear is your heart and soul of the deep Department's Wife who regret it hidden for a long time.
"To love, dream life, float along repeated drifting", both joys and sorrows of this world geometry, we will ultimately keep in mind that through the joys and sorrows of a 2, unmitigated affection and wait! No one can perceive in our mind that a well-vicissitudes of affectionate and bitter memories of the yellowing, and only drift in the air and our hearts that I, a lifetime waiting for the rain to let us truly find themselves and their position, only to feel our own existence and not devoid of life and death enduring! "Rain drop-yan, Bailangtaotian" matter whether either had grief, suffering Ye Hao, rare happiness is also worth mentioning that the roar from our soul and heavy rain majestic, whole life and have no alternative to respond!

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