Fall in love with the road supervisor's office secret crush

Fall in love with the road supervisor's office secret crush.
For the workplace where the girl fell in love with the story of common owner. No matter how romantic the story of causes, perhaps the day of your interview he gave was impressed by the glimpse of your favor; or, at the moment you walk into the office give you his heart have eye from dark to send.
I was recommended by a friend only into the family decorated the company as a secretary, and told the boss Chen Kai talented, just a few years work has become a rising star in the industry, so I became the unrestrained enthusiasm of a new assistant boss.
Chen Kai Wizards really tour worthwhile business reputation, his business the right judgments, and able to act decisively style, often let me breath, and I was relying on rhetoric, and of sensitivity, for his role became fueled. We are gold partners in the eyes of insiders, but the most important thing is: we appreciate each other, often laugh when the views of consistency proof.
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Early spring, I help Kai Chen on the next one major contract, the signing of the night, Kai Chen proposed to celebrate a little. So he and I went into the "TIME Bar", he asked for a glass of red wine, I want a cup of cappuccino, in relatively light in the dark sitting, his witty language, several times I am amused laugh. Smile smile I have a strange feeling suddenly, his eyes again, and the relative, the jittery mood, his face burning also, thanks to my obscurity Yanqu disorders. This is how I was? Do, soon fell in love, I saw no preparation in the case of falling in love with him?
Is like the aroma of coffee woke up my mind stimulated, I pretend no intention of Road: talk about your private affairs right. Chen Kai generously replied: "I am very lucky, married a good wife, with affection, love, affection, love, absolutely in line with the new era with four new standard." Then, is a burst of happy laughter. I heart camel needle twitch a little, his face more and more ugly, I am hypocritical to me in a toast: "Congratulations, dual career families
He smiled and drink some wine, and asked me: "Do you have a boyfriend? With no need for me to help introduce you to one?"
I pale smile: "former boyfriend became Britain's Yellow Crane fly, how you want to recommend to me, and you compared how?"
Chen Kai ranging speech, I then said: "If you do not like you, or forgive it."
Then I stared at him straight in the eye, see his smile becoming straight is not natural, that I bow Qingchuo a coffee, so dumping waterfall-like hair covered a blushing face.
Leaving the bar late at night the cold has been agreed, I deliberately exclaimed: "freezing! Boss quickly to save me!" Then a wave of his coat into his arms. Chen Kai generosity can just patted my shoulder, then hugged my hand at it and then took off his coat and flowed over my body, my happiness turned into disappointment and frustration of a heartbeat, I know that he has insight into my heart only, that he erected the fence, not hurt him, but block the progress of my footsteps.
To face him, I became like a First love girl, I began to carefully observe him, collect his information, as he carefully arranged daily work to help him deal with the company the size of things. His official private matter, I have dedication and good, his happy expression on my mouth to drink honey. Chen Kai, but as always, just like all right man, and I get along with, and no embarrassment or implied, until one day he opened the office door to go out back and saw I was holding tightly to his coat drunkenly kiss, his eyes where it expressed the deep concerns.
So he began to deliberately alienate me, first tune I did public relations director, his other strokes a secretary, and then usually very few appearances of his wife run the company began to come often, though not as the woman I am young and beautiful, but she modesty and good, they stand together, not a couple of people, but a pair of darling.
51, Kai Chen made a gift to each person, to me is an old movie "Red Dust" CD. That night I was taken to the old love story, I see the forest to go to Taiwan, Qin onto a passenger ship, Qin became the only ticket goes on the owner, Lin himself has always remained in the mainland. Because she understood the Lees left to face an unknown fate. They can not leave at the same time, she chose to stay, it is his and her best choice. When Lin's shadow gradually swallowed up by the crowd rolling, back when the mad search for Qin Lin, I was moved to tears the next.
After work, I quietly finishing up their things, the letter of resignation to the secretary Chen Kai, on top just one sentence: it is only to give you your leave, so I chose to leave, my dear, please bless me .

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