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Some people say that the night also linger in the network who is lonely!

Some people say that the night also linger in the network who is lonely!

She is stubborn and will not easily shed tears of pride from a tomboy girls indulge themselves in a long-term network, the laissez-faire in the night of the tomboy.
He is a long-term in order to survive had to indulge themselves in the dark end of the bet to take his own life to do the boys.
They met in the network -
Ask a sort of a small platform. His desperate choice of a question happens to be her answer, he finds that she is the only one of so many respondents do not hold opposing views but to support him. Although he was before he learned from her mouth: So it was just a coincidence, she did not understand the meaning of the answer.
They know each other in the chat -
Gradually find each other, always has a vague understanding. So they say the same thing a time, issued the same expressions and symbols.
She liked him in a video where -
He turned to get the video the other end of the clothes the moment. He was just full of manly is her preference, so that after a long moment all makes her feel the urge to have caught them.
In this way, every day is not nothing to talk to each other: chat, said, but later gradually familiar, speak up more easily. Asked each other, with no intention of starting now, once the feelings, listening to their sorrow.
She has a very non-happy family. He has a background not easily be forgiven.
If she is lonely, so he is lonely.
But he was almost exactly his story he always told her that she knew about him more than his mother also could not understand why he was always a network will say nothing to do with her so much more than the number she gave him a word: life. What then would say no more often when he did not forget to refute one: I do not believe in fate. Yes ah, from the moment plus he saw his name on a personal note: ↘ my life Dian days from the day I could not help me if I'm off days off. What arrogance of the 14 words, how high-handed one. I see this from the moment she mouth chuckle: Well, uh, like me a little arrogance a good meaning! Friends did not hesitate in the mid-point of the agreement and add information.
One day when he asked about her story when she played down his silence has been found out that she might attend, he was not fair that some think it is not fair why he told her all she did not told him that many of her stories ... ...
Every night over the day, she would recall the content of chat quietly to sleep in that time she believed it had been while he is all to the bar ... ...
A year later they walked into reality. They thought it was a happy start, but each other, no one thought of that is the beginning of emotional suffering.
Their fellow Virgo a variety of small, bickering, the Cold War.
How many times she saw the box he pulled out and dashing lightly lost, she lost what he had and hypocritical boys.
How many times he was back to her tears in silence for a long time, he shed tears because she did not care him.
As sad, how many times she may just be the last high-handed because a habit called him back.
As also love, who never listen to words how many times he came back very obedient silence on she is still as good as the original.
In this way, they repeatedly, shifting alliances.
He often said that she was a child, but the network where many people have often said that mature between her words and her age too much contrast.
She often asked him, why do you listen? He quietly told her: I listen to, only one person for you. What kind of character I was, and this you know.
She laughed, he laughed.
In this way, she used to his favor. He handed her to bear.
So she called him dad. He said the calls she had made him sad, naive, and he said he did not ask Dad, he said he has his own name.v-checker|obd2|obd ii|MVCI interface|MVCI TIS|MVCI HDS|M35080 However, she more often still called his father, because he gave her father has been missing.
How she always smile is always looking for his father; her experience made her sad why the family has changed so much; she exclaimed in the end when they could have really the most realistic live without camouflage themselves with. Lamented the family will not ring true and deception, and kept the fact that she was looking for in the certificate as the father, they are all like her love, her care.
Blink of an eye is also a winter consumption of today's fall-off in silence. Leaves did not even see a few pages. Looked at the weather, she sad, she was silent. Blink of an eye only to find each other more than a year they spend with each other.
Each run, and no longer have those arguments before. Because he knows how to let her out. Because more experienced, he had no children, to become mature.
But two years later -
They quarrel over who test over the network false many times over the missed each other. I did not expect the people to be realistic after all, live for money, for money to run around.
Maybe too real not live in this world who is not false that the fun, talking and bustling people. But this society is too realistic, too straightforward, it is too cruel. Perhaps - she thought.
So how many times how many times he could not give his own without her happiness and sadness cry. He is not a crybaby, but for her, and tears can be integrated sea. He is a very crisp person, but for her, he again and again in the quiet chirp, he reluctantly.
And she kept the contradictions of the place itself, being embarrassed. She is not back from the person, but he has always been her exception. Although many do not understand why when she called him back.
People around her, after listening to their stories, no do not say she was too silly. For the sake of others and his own well-being when the bet, the kind that would give her a better man introduced her silence.
The people around him listening to their stories, many people told him maybe you should leave, not missing woman bully to leave find a chant. Man that introduced him to all of them more beautiful woman, he refused.
In this way, tell a love unknown channel. They tie him down with each other, so contradictory ... ...
If you are a girl, do you choose the bread, or love?
Choice of bread may not be the most true love; choose the love may be doomed to get bread.
Is it perhaps true:
Love, not as good as knowing each other?

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