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After the heart had been injured

After the heart had been injured
Long day in the hustle and bustle of the city fell asleep, quiet, lonely night filled with tightly around themselves, sad songs still in the bottom of my heart has no intention of discouraging. Really do not understand, others say that painful memories can slowly change over time, but it is in my heart, always in such a night, quietly on the heart attack, constant spread of repeating.

Once thought, love beautiful, well-being for that within the foreseeable future, rejected all efforts to care for hard look; and now, but just want to simply live, sit and watch things, lost everything in the past than in the memory. I have always thought that if he try to love a person, as long as love can be happy with each other, but the reality is cruel to tear up a little bit of desire,Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3|Benz Star|Renault CAN Clip|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|Fly 100 Honda let me know love but happiness in this world other than the original but also can become a burden, a kind of pressure, after love, had no choice but to give up, his heart lost in the memory. In this environment, I slowly learned to cool.

Calendar sway over time, but how sad, but also turned the page. Just close your eyes, it will flash a picture of a memory and goes Zhang familiar face. Since we can not get rid of, no longer intend to forget, let it accumulate in the heart stop, after the pass has left deep traces of life. Seems like a pretty happy, but do not want to touch. Sad time, and find comfort in their own grounds, learn to take care of yourself, love yourself, slowly thin that memory, so sad the sky is no longer free.

Maybe I'll never know, love is the pay alone or mutual understanding? Feelings such as White, no one would like in the above outline their wishes, but often overlooked romantic ways to each other. Person's life, there is always a lot of frustration, we are always in constant gain and loss in the future. Hurt before then, to know if you do not know how to cherish and love the original will expire; hurt before then,x431|VCM IDS|Auto Diagnostic|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A but also will strive to put away all the feelings, alone in a long time licking wounds. Love, always know how to look after the regret; heart always hurt later buried in the situation. In a world full of cold, I slowly habits, habits of a person warm, really hope that one day all the pain and say goodbye ... ...

Broken heart in the end there too? Love in the end is not for me? For me, these issues have long been important, because they have done to accompany the end, passive let go. Beware loved broke, I reluctantly give up; heart, no longer waiting for love hard. I feel like would like to discard this memory, but some things do not even have long lost.

Since then, only one person alone to guard his own loneliness, and remove all of the burden, lurches forward, looking forward to the next cycle of happiness ... ...

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