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Be lonely and single, single and lonely because of

Be lonely and single, single and lonely because of
Be lonely and single, single and lonely because of
For the single, single people like to say their own happiness. Asked what he felt happy, they are unable to speak. Probably do not really know, after all, little in; that may be an expectation that they hypnotized themselves, I hope he is happy; or they think they should be happy ... ...
I sometimes, too, always thought that the single is now very comfortable, very relaxed, carefree. But once both men and women see a happily walked around, saw the pair of lovers happy or nestled in a park bench, and my heart poured out the taste of really do not know how to describe. Those who only know the nose is often thrown when the waves of pain. At that time, she felt like a lonely puppet, in the open wind, not strong, but it is particularly cold; feel like wearing a pair of water seepage shoes, walking in the icy water, the more steps to go the more Shen , reached the top of the head from the feet cold, cool, the heart.
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So, in my view, the so-called single is not great, but look incompetent. This inability to rely on just being a thinking person, in order to cover their lazy behavior and made the cover.
Because single, you do not have to consider the family to tie him down, a hungry man to eat the whole family.
Because single, so do not be taken into account the feelings of others, its own way independent.
Because single, so-called responsibility, you can never mind, but how do you forget someone else had the happiness you give?
Because a single, often a person you sit at your computer in a daze, daze after the crystal drops out of orbit to tears.
Because a single, walking alone in the trees planted in to a sudden tear the throat cry hysterically, cry later, the rapid heartbeat is the chest pain of oppression.
Because the single, quietly to quietly go back at night, but it is very heart of loss and empty, this is the so-called free? This is the so-called leisure?
After the break the past few years, I think you lose the passion of the bar.
So you say life is a dream, why care about the men and women who Qingqingwowo broken things, why the intelligence to see through the secular days of love between the networks to worry about;
Then you said ma'am, a lot, fine cause you never burn less, a feat only a clear sky vigorous clap of thunder, you can only hear the sound.
Then you go to the debate, this is not degenerate, is another non-event "trap" the wise, this is not depression, is another open-minded, cheerful life.
But are you happy? I know, this is not happy.
Since you have chosen alone, why they feared the loneliness of night;
Since you dim view of life, why worry about future results;
Since you are so what does not matter, why care about other people's happiness and well-being;

Since you claim to be a "singles" Why still the envy of other people love elegance.
In fact, I think only in the warm family, nurtured in the family, the single will be happy.
Because there is always a person, no matter what you do, she will tell you: "tired to play back, I will give you leave a door ... ...."

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