Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Some people say that the night also linger in the network who is lonely!

Some people say that the night also linger in the network who is lonely!

She is stubborn and will not easily shed tears of pride from a tomboy girls indulge themselves in a long-term network, the laissez-faire in the night of the tomboy.
He is a long-term in order to survive had to indulge themselves in the dark end of the bet to take his own life to do the boys.
They met in the network -
Ask a sort of a small platform. His desperate choice of a question happens to be her answer, he finds that she is the only one of so many respondents do not hold opposing views but to support him. Although he was before he learned from her mouth: So it was just a coincidence, she did not understand the meaning of the answer.
They know each other in the chat -
Gradually find each other, always has a vague understanding. So they say the same thing a time, issued the same expressions and symbols.
She liked him in a video where -
He turned to get the video the other end of the clothes the moment. He was just full of manly is her preference, so that after a long moment all makes her feel the urge to have caught them.
In this way, every day is not nothing to talk to each other: chat, said, but later gradually familiar, speak up more easily. Asked each other, with no intention of starting now, once the feelings, listening to their sorrow.
She has a very non-happy family. He has a background not easily be forgiven.
If she is lonely, so he is lonely.
But he was almost exactly his story he always told her that she knew about him more than his mother also could not understand why he was always a network will say nothing to do with her so much more than the number she gave him a word: life. What then would say no more often when he did not forget to refute one: I do not believe in fate. Yes ah, from the moment plus he saw his name on a personal note: ↘ my life Dian days from the day I could not help me if I'm off days off. What arrogance of the 14 words, how high-handed one. I see this from the moment she mouth chuckle: Well, uh, like me a little arrogance a good meaning! Friends did not hesitate in the mid-point of the agreement and add information.
One day when he asked about her story when she played down his silence has been found out that she might attend, he was not fair that some think it is not fair why he told her all she did not told him that many of her stories ... ...
Every night over the day, she would recall the content of chat quietly to sleep in that time she believed it had been while he is all to the bar ... ...
A year later they walked into reality. They thought it was a happy start, but each other, no one thought of that is the beginning of emotional suffering.
Their fellow Virgo a variety of small, bickering, the Cold War.
How many times she saw the box he pulled out and dashing lightly lost, she lost what he had and hypocritical boys.
How many times he was back to her tears in silence for a long time, he shed tears because she did not care him.
As sad, how many times she may just be the last high-handed because a habit called him back.
As also love, who never listen to words how many times he came back very obedient silence on she is still as good as the original.
In this way, they repeatedly, shifting alliances.
He often said that she was a child, but the network where many people have often said that mature between her words and her age too much contrast.
She often asked him, why do you listen? He quietly told her: I listen to, only one person for you. What kind of character I was, and this you know.
She laughed, he laughed.
In this way, she used to his favor. He handed her to bear.
So she called him dad. He said the calls she had made him sad, naive, and he said he did not ask Dad, he said he has his own name.v-checker|obd2|obd ii|MVCI interface|MVCI TIS|MVCI HDS|M35080 However, she more often still called his father, because he gave her father has been missing.
How she always smile is always looking for his father; her experience made her sad why the family has changed so much; she exclaimed in the end when they could have really the most realistic live without camouflage themselves with. Lamented the family will not ring true and deception, and kept the fact that she was looking for in the certificate as the father, they are all like her love, her care.
Blink of an eye is also a winter consumption of today's fall-off in silence. Leaves did not even see a few pages. Looked at the weather, she sad, she was silent. Blink of an eye only to find each other more than a year they spend with each other.
Each run, and no longer have those arguments before. Because he knows how to let her out. Because more experienced, he had no children, to become mature.
But two years later -
They quarrel over who test over the network false many times over the missed each other. I did not expect the people to be realistic after all, live for money, for money to run around.
Maybe too real not live in this world who is not false that the fun, talking and bustling people. But this society is too realistic, too straightforward, it is too cruel. Perhaps - she thought.
So how many times how many times he could not give his own without her happiness and sadness cry. He is not a crybaby, but for her, and tears can be integrated sea. He is a very crisp person, but for her, he again and again in the quiet chirp, he reluctantly.
And she kept the contradictions of the place itself, being embarrassed. She is not back from the person, but he has always been her exception. Although many do not understand why when she called him back.
People around her, after listening to their stories, no do not say she was too silly. For the sake of others and his own well-being when the bet, the kind that would give her a better man introduced her silence.
The people around him listening to their stories, many people told him maybe you should leave, not missing woman bully to leave find a chant. Man that introduced him to all of them more beautiful woman, he refused.
In this way, tell a love unknown channel. They tie him down with each other, so contradictory ... ...
If you are a girl, do you choose the bread, or love?
Choice of bread may not be the most true love; choose the love may be doomed to get bread.
Is it perhaps true:
Love, not as good as knowing each other?

Montag, 29. November 2010

After the heart had been injured

After the heart had been injured
Long day in the hustle and bustle of the city fell asleep, quiet, lonely night filled with tightly around themselves, sad songs still in the bottom of my heart has no intention of discouraging. Really do not understand, others say that painful memories can slowly change over time, but it is in my heart, always in such a night, quietly on the heart attack, constant spread of repeating.

Once thought, love beautiful, well-being for that within the foreseeable future, rejected all efforts to care for hard look; and now, but just want to simply live, sit and watch things, lost everything in the past than in the memory. I have always thought that if he try to love a person, as long as love can be happy with each other, but the reality is cruel to tear up a little bit of desire,Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3|Benz Star|Renault CAN Clip|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|Fly 100 Honda let me know love but happiness in this world other than the original but also can become a burden, a kind of pressure, after love, had no choice but to give up, his heart lost in the memory. In this environment, I slowly learned to cool.

Calendar sway over time, but how sad, but also turned the page. Just close your eyes, it will flash a picture of a memory and goes Zhang familiar face. Since we can not get rid of, no longer intend to forget, let it accumulate in the heart stop, after the pass has left deep traces of life. Seems like a pretty happy, but do not want to touch. Sad time, and find comfort in their own grounds, learn to take care of yourself, love yourself, slowly thin that memory, so sad the sky is no longer free.

Maybe I'll never know, love is the pay alone or mutual understanding? Feelings such as White, no one would like in the above outline their wishes, but often overlooked romantic ways to each other. Person's life, there is always a lot of frustration, we are always in constant gain and loss in the future. Hurt before then, to know if you do not know how to cherish and love the original will expire; hurt before then,x431|VCM IDS|Auto Diagnostic|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A but also will strive to put away all the feelings, alone in a long time licking wounds. Love, always know how to look after the regret; heart always hurt later buried in the situation. In a world full of cold, I slowly habits, habits of a person warm, really hope that one day all the pain and say goodbye ... ...

Broken heart in the end there too? Love in the end is not for me? For me, these issues have long been important, because they have done to accompany the end, passive let go. Beware loved broke, I reluctantly give up; heart, no longer waiting for love hard. I feel like would like to discard this memory, but some things do not even have long lost.

Since then, only one person alone to guard his own loneliness, and remove all of the burden, lurches forward, looking forward to the next cycle of happiness ... ...

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Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

Be lonely and single, single and lonely because of

Be lonely and single, single and lonely because of
Be lonely and single, single and lonely because of
For the single, single people like to say their own happiness. Asked what he felt happy, they are unable to speak. Probably do not really know, after all, little in; that may be an expectation that they hypnotized themselves, I hope he is happy; or they think they should be happy ... ...
I sometimes, too, always thought that the single is now very comfortable, very relaxed, carefree. But once both men and women see a happily walked around, saw the pair of lovers happy or nestled in a park bench, and my heart poured out the taste of really do not know how to describe. Those who only know the nose is often thrown when the waves of pain. At that time, she felt like a lonely puppet, in the open wind, not strong, but it is particularly cold; feel like wearing a pair of water seepage shoes, walking in the icy water, the more steps to go the more Shen , reached the top of the head from the feet cold, cool, the heart.
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So, in my view, the so-called single is not great, but look incompetent. This inability to rely on just being a thinking person, in order to cover their lazy behavior and made the cover.
Because single, you do not have to consider the family to tie him down, a hungry man to eat the whole family.
Because single, so do not be taken into account the feelings of others, its own way independent.
Because single, so-called responsibility, you can never mind, but how do you forget someone else had the happiness you give?
Because a single, often a person you sit at your computer in a daze, daze after the crystal drops out of orbit to tears.
Because a single, walking alone in the trees planted in to a sudden tear the throat cry hysterically, cry later, the rapid heartbeat is the chest pain of oppression.
Because the single, quietly to quietly go back at night, but it is very heart of loss and empty, this is the so-called free? This is the so-called leisure?
After the break the past few years, I think you lose the passion of the bar.
So you say life is a dream, why care about the men and women who Qingqingwowo broken things, why the intelligence to see through the secular days of love between the networks to worry about;
Then you said ma'am, a lot, fine cause you never burn less, a feat only a clear sky vigorous clap of thunder, you can only hear the sound.
Then you go to the debate, this is not degenerate, is another non-event "trap" the wise, this is not depression, is another open-minded, cheerful life.
But are you happy? I know, this is not happy.
Since you have chosen alone, why they feared the loneliness of night;
Since you dim view of life, why worry about future results;
Since you are so what does not matter, why care about other people's happiness and well-being;

Since you claim to be a "singles" Why still the envy of other people love elegance.
In fact, I think only in the warm family, nurtured in the family, the single will be happy.
Because there is always a person, no matter what you do, she will tell you: "tired to play back, I will give you leave a door ... ...."

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Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

How to remember the old lover's addiction to quit?

How to remember the old lover's addiction to quit?

Not as good as new clothes, people as old. Man and woman, forget the old lover is not easy to do. After all, represents the old lover during his youth, the most pure, most beautiful memories.
However, the reality is not a trifling matter, nor dream. When we are married, they unexpectedly met an old lover, often inadvertently Jiuqingfuran and irresponsible it, easy to play with extramarital affairs, in the end could not say the old lover or wife and husband into a mini three primary three the. Conscience, as usual the day before, but always intentionally or unintentionally, against the night in a daze, also have failed to call him several reactions, do not know what is like an old lover, or good old memories of it.
In short, the old lover like a time bomb at any time your heart was causing unrest bewildered confusion, loss, and even affect your current marriage. So, how to kick it old lover's addiction is particularly important.
First, many people think they are in really miss the old lover, you have true love is undeniable,Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator but the passage of time, more people actually remember the old lover in the youth spent with age. Person's life, the most memorable the most unforgettable is the youthful years of the scenery. That only one of the youth, provided that you accompany off lover, friend, will be etched in your heart.
So, you have to understand that you miss this person is not old flame, but with you through the days of youth. In this way, remember the old lover again, my heart would calm a lot. Second, not always the best. This is everyone has a psychological complex and inextricably linked. But in fact, the reason why those who could not be the best reason is that living together is not close to each other can not see each other's shortcomings, the eyes of the hearts of all the other good, and people have eyes accompanied day and night, there is no masking to live under the same roof, a long time, not a novelty, not a mystery, to see each other's shortcomings and are not known to bear move. In this way, naturally feel that the hand of an old lover where did all right, but ignored as a people, will have a disadvantage of this truth. See more immediate benefit of people, more like an old lover's "bad." Naturally, you will feel better eyes than the old lover.
In reality, old lovers Red myself, will vary with the secular. These changes, it may even surprise you is that you dislike.Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431 And everyone wants to leave a good Debu mind the memory of dye dust, then stay out of the old lover. There are some things some people, is only in my heart, can not be placed in the plane.
Time, is the best Wang Youcao. The secular life, and is the best medicine. Old things can make in the past have become vague, is no longer important. Remember the old lover's addiction to quit in order to have a happy life of leisure now. No matter how old lover, and you just never meant to. With love, not necessarily suitable for marriage; marriage is happy, it might not be concerned with love. And by your side waiting for a lifetime, and the immediate people. To miss the old lover's mind, or be used in front of people who cherish it!

Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

Fall in love with the road supervisor's office secret crush

Fall in love with the road supervisor's office secret crush.
For the workplace where the girl fell in love with the story of common owner. No matter how romantic the story of causes, perhaps the day of your interview he gave was impressed by the glimpse of your favor; or, at the moment you walk into the office give you his heart have eye from dark to send.
I was recommended by a friend only into the family decorated the company as a secretary, and told the boss Chen Kai talented, just a few years work has become a rising star in the industry, so I became the unrestrained enthusiasm of a new assistant boss.
Chen Kai Wizards really tour worthwhile business reputation, his business the right judgments, and able to act decisively style, often let me breath, and I was relying on rhetoric, and of sensitivity, for his role became fueled. We are gold partners in the eyes of insiders, but the most important thing is: we appreciate each other, often laugh when the views of consistency proof.
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Early spring, I help Kai Chen on the next one major contract, the signing of the night, Kai Chen proposed to celebrate a little. So he and I went into the "TIME Bar", he asked for a glass of red wine, I want a cup of cappuccino, in relatively light in the dark sitting, his witty language, several times I am amused laugh. Smile smile I have a strange feeling suddenly, his eyes again, and the relative, the jittery mood, his face burning also, thanks to my obscurity Yanqu disorders. This is how I was? Do, soon fell in love, I saw no preparation in the case of falling in love with him?
Is like the aroma of coffee woke up my mind stimulated, I pretend no intention of Road: talk about your private affairs right. Chen Kai generously replied: "I am very lucky, married a good wife, with affection, love, affection, love, absolutely in line with the new era with four new standard." Then, is a burst of happy laughter. I heart camel needle twitch a little, his face more and more ugly, I am hypocritical to me in a toast: "Congratulations, dual career families
He smiled and drink some wine, and asked me: "Do you have a boyfriend? With no need for me to help introduce you to one?"
I pale smile: "former boyfriend became Britain's Yellow Crane fly, how you want to recommend to me, and you compared how?"
Chen Kai ranging speech, I then said: "If you do not like you, or forgive it."
Then I stared at him straight in the eye, see his smile becoming straight is not natural, that I bow Qingchuo a coffee, so dumping waterfall-like hair covered a blushing face.
Leaving the bar late at night the cold has been agreed, I deliberately exclaimed: "freezing! Boss quickly to save me!" Then a wave of his coat into his arms. Chen Kai generosity can just patted my shoulder, then hugged my hand at it and then took off his coat and flowed over my body, my happiness turned into disappointment and frustration of a heartbeat, I know that he has insight into my heart only, that he erected the fence, not hurt him, but block the progress of my footsteps.
To face him, I became like a First love girl, I began to carefully observe him, collect his information, as he carefully arranged daily work to help him deal with the company the size of things. His official private matter, I have dedication and good, his happy expression on my mouth to drink honey. Chen Kai, but as always, just like all right man, and I get along with, and no embarrassment or implied, until one day he opened the office door to go out back and saw I was holding tightly to his coat drunkenly kiss, his eyes where it expressed the deep concerns.
So he began to deliberately alienate me, first tune I did public relations director, his other strokes a secretary, and then usually very few appearances of his wife run the company began to come often, though not as the woman I am young and beautiful, but she modesty and good, they stand together, not a couple of people, but a pair of darling.
51, Kai Chen made a gift to each person, to me is an old movie "Red Dust" CD. That night I was taken to the old love story, I see the forest to go to Taiwan, Qin onto a passenger ship, Qin became the only ticket goes on the owner, Lin himself has always remained in the mainland. Because she understood the Lees left to face an unknown fate. They can not leave at the same time, she chose to stay, it is his and her best choice. When Lin's shadow gradually swallowed up by the crowd rolling, back when the mad search for Qin Lin, I was moved to tears the next.
After work, I quietly finishing up their things, the letter of resignation to the secretary Chen Kai, on top just one sentence: it is only to give you your leave, so I chose to leave, my dear, please bless me .

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Dienstag, 31. August 2010

Treat your loved one

Treat your loved one
Weekend night, just because no one can watch the movie, I must again Miss launched his temper.
This time he did not coax me, just quietly point a cigarette.
So I broke free from his hands open, Xuan Shen and go. This is the power of the ancient art of war in quite a trick: the murderer, I thought he would be flying over, chasing apologized to me. He may be slow to hear footsteps, do not look back a simmer.
Lonely single to left for a long time and finally stopped at the busy intersection, thoughts slowly sway in the wind, thoughts, motives, or I was wrong. Also said that clear, easy-going before the people docile little girl ran in front of him became Diaomangongzhu, from time to time some wayward prank. I humbly believe I have to accept my love to all, including my fault, but critical of his endless, keeps saying this is because of love for him, a perfectionist. Perhaps my love too young too headstrong?
Regret, come overlay. Unconsciously back and just separate parts, leaving cigarette butts on the ground. Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator|

I lose him? Over and over again to ask ourselves, is well aware of how important he was to me.
The next day he called me and the sound Ya Ya's; still angry with me? Wozhehuatong me I unable to speak, and turns back to the mentality of 1000 finally has an explanation, know that everything can be no thought, Unfortunately, the accounts have been recorded on yesterday. Today, I have today. He has for a long time the tears fell down.
If you're like me, though with the slightest waywardness and squeamish but also be a good girl, if you are falling in love, then you gently treat the people you love. Youth only once, not many opportunities to love and cherish all of this, do not use a wealth of emotions to create unwarranted sorrow, after all, the plot is not novel, plain Ye Hao, ordinary can be, they do not love headstrong, is the well-being .

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Montag, 16. August 2010

Like the arrival of the rainy season

Walking in the rain
Have in many years, I do not know why a habit, like the arrival of the rainy season, rain fell like watching a long day, rain eaves, like walking in the rain, like what kind of fancy and poetic melancholy, quietly of walking in the rain, wet rain to a long absence, all my clothes and luggage, wet all my heart and memories. Which brings tears of the romantic poetry of rain, what kind of long and close feeling, what kind of grief unique and some inexplicable sudden my heart, reminds me of a very famous Song that is well-known poet Song Jiang Jie's tune "Beautiful Lady Yu - Machines": "Juvenile upstairs listening to the rain song, Candle faint Luozhang. prime listening to the rain off in a boat, river wide low cloud, west wind called off geese. now listen Rain Monk House, the temples have been the stars also. vicissitudes always ruthless, term order before, bit by bit to the dawn. "entire first term in the rain means discouraged, splashing through a person's whole life was full of endless life experience of a sense of sorrow and joy things change, the fate of unpredictable and displaced, so that a person carrying the endless grief and blurred. Many times, I read the poem, the total was its meaning of the word and the mood struck, I do not know who is living across the Millennium empathy, or themselves in it. People in this life, really hard to say clearly how their own fate after the change, what will not change with their wishes. May have been a very brilliant and Tenda, may have a very young and proud, very persistent and may have to, either their own careers, or their love, perhaps their marriage, everything will change and quietly as the human world unpredictable changes taking place, whether it is worth mentioning official pride, loss worth mentioning, both their love and marriage matter whether happy, sad worth mentioning, since we can not expect things to change.
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Even if the loss had, even sad too, even if Mingxinkegu, even painful life, even if we lost everything. When we finally left, it is ourselves, and our depleted youth. There is a long way since going to go to a lot of things we have paid a lot of youth and his years, and now those years will be gone with the wind, can never come back. Years, we can get and have fun and how much is the real hold in our hands, in order to survive, we lose our own too many things, Ru Jin Huang came between the middle-aged, not too young, no longer youth flying, walk deserted bridge frost, heavy dew Homecoming deep, walk back a hundred thousand fog switch lock-flung 9 End of the World, this Turbulence in the evening students, we can really hear is your heart and soul of the deep Department's Wife who regret it hidden for a long time.
"To love, dream life, float along repeated drifting", both joys and sorrows of this world geometry, we will ultimately keep in mind that through the joys and sorrows of a 2, unmitigated affection and wait! No one can perceive in our mind that a well-vicissitudes of affectionate and bitter memories of the yellowing, and only drift in the air and our hearts that I, a lifetime waiting for the rain to let us truly find themselves and their position, only to feel our own existence and not devoid of life and death enduring! "Rain drop-yan, Bailangtaotian" matter whether either had grief, suffering Ye Hao, rare happiness is also worth mentioning that the roar from our soul and heavy rain majestic, whole life and have no alternative to respond!

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Freitag, 6. August 2010

Lonely Valentine's Day

Lonely Valentine's Day

In the past, this is the one I most desire, the most happy days. Valentine's for me to bring the share of surprises, share of companions, the share of romance, share of happiness. I enchants, let my heart take brilliant, life is good enough for me to be endless. Now, all this turned into a cloud. Wandering alone in this bleak world. I really want to free up in my dictionary, "Valentine," the three words. Forget this, forget our acquaintance, forget we have this possession. Forget our happy, forget our romance. To him I have had with the idea of death. But man can not live only for themselves. Made me worried about is unbearable my aging parents, they let me gripping, from their you can find people to sad old age, they could not stand the pain elderly woman mourning. Can more they want to forget but remember more clearly. Many users these days, days have sent a greeting card and message. I wish Happy Valentine's Day. After listening to their wishes what my heart was torn up as the same pain. In this Valentine's Valentine's Day, do not you say I can happy! Hey! How much grief, misery ah! Tears still cry, sad, or sad after. Wiped tears days should continue, only the lives bitter with me ah ...
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My lover a year ago, suffering from a brain tumor away from me. Valentine's Day is two days, and I am very sad, very sad. Memory but not memory recall more clearly.

Valentine's Day, I got up early for. Himself deliberately dressed up. Came to the flower shop as usual bought 999 roses, 100 red candles. Went to the grocery store, bought his favorite butter cake, cake. When the sun sets, I came to my little bedroom. Decision had with him a Valentine's Day. I like the old days, like to pull up the blue curtains, lit the candles, put on our old favorite butter cake. To more than 999 roses, put it in his thick black band around the set with the portrait of the former, players from the "love is the total injuries," the piece. Then I sat down cross-legged opposite him. Looked at his face and square type as before exposing naughty smile, listening to the injury of the ditty, and the red and blue and white soft lighting. I seem to back one year ago today.

I am loving to her, said: "My dear cloud, you are in heaven right? Today is Valentine's Day. Is our reunion day. Before all this are you ready. Now only rely on me to manage. I put this face the talent is poor, you know. You see this house, do you still satisfied, as before I lit a symbol of our good years and the candles, we love to listen to the song. unhappy place, please excuse ah. butter cake that I bought back in the early morning. you taste the taste ah, this is our old favorite. I do not know you still love. Whether you going, is my piece of mind now! And this Rose is my gift to you. before you send me all. Today you sent me ah, maybe you sent, I can not see. I give you the first time the roses too! Unfortunately this too late, if you alive, you'll be glad to get it jump three feet high. Now I think you do have to die, how do you so cruel! you let me know now how important you are.

Now think of the days you get along with, I always show of strength, what must earn a win, do not receive proper for you, I'm so sorry sorry. Chance to make up for lost. You know, without you I so hard Ao. I can not stand you're not lonely, lonely, full of brain deserted. Many times I want to come with you, but I can not imagine without me. My parents to hurt! I was not more cruel as you! I think also you do not want to see it! Only the face every day of your portrait silently thinking of you. Silent tears, imagine that we have them moved and happy. I think they think it is a pleasure. In heaven for you, you know? Some say: "look a gift horse day and night how dream." During the day I miss you desperately hope to see you in my dreams, but also record how you did not enter the world ah! After the wake, often wet with tears my pillow, waking up my parents, in their sighs suppressed cry in my. After many days I have unable to extricate themselves.
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You get sick on the eve of, tell me "when you do not find a good person like you to take care of me." But my heart only you, how could accommodate a second person like you do! How do you say I, ah, my favorite. Now you keep my body, soul back with you. You know? You also said you always by my side, always looking at me in heaven. Now, however, let me point you felt you did not exist Road. You break your promises, you are a big liar. You stole my love, stole my love. Hide quietly, so that I can not find, you Haohen heart. I Haohen you ... ... just to give you complain, forget the things you eat. To eat the cake ah. Oh, you must first make a wish.
Honey, give you so much, my heart Ye Hao by a lot. May be your soul in the days right. I know what my heart. But I do not know when to take on the happy AWC, flying to your world and visit our dreamy fairy tale. Let the full moon bring my thoughts bring me sorrow wire, bring my dreams, bring me to his care, bring my love and love ah! Time such a one, the minutes past, the night is very quiet, very quiet, so I accompanied him and forget time and space, forget self, to forget everything around, and a candle into his world .. ....

You are ready for you, what you desire is, ah, you tell me. You do not say I know that you want to know my wish is? I'll tell you. I hope soon to heaven and you is able to severe our love, then I will not let you escape. The Chuila Zhu, and no, I do not want it out, it is a symbol of our love is our witness of love, a symbol of the end off, put out a symbol of the coming doom. I do not like him to end, I want to make it always light our journey forward, even though this road bitter hard, I have always guardian.

Years later, we together?

Years later, we together?
There are some things you always wanted to, but you can not bear to disturb life. A thousand words, to the end, only a goodbye, just a wish you happiness. Most like your heart when Cu Qimei first locking deep sorrow, as Ziqing Poems of Discourse: the most is the bow of the tender which, like a lotus numerous water cool the shy, Road soon as Cherish, Road soon as treasure, that crash treasure there honey sweet sorrow.
I remember once in class, read your essay, is called: Dream Whispering Colour. You say you like the setting sun lanes south in the poetry, like the martial aspect and the lakes are in Carefree, like the Sword and in that rush my farewell farewell music ... ... in fact I always liked you, from the first time I saw you, but I dare not say it has been, because I know that out of our students are not even up.
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So in the past three years, you finally graduate and cheer for their own, but I never see you in fear, can no longer hear your voice, you can no longer cry, no longer to touch your breath . But we, after all, different routes, then even if we have to offer all kinds of parting, the end of life but also takes second place to the footsteps of a hurry. Over the past year, so between turns. One year I did not see you instead.

A few days ago and some junior high school students together, listened to his own experience talking, or hi, or sad about, or regret the fate of the helpless. I could find out your message, listen to the people's voice for your laugh, and I lost some inexplicable. Because I never see snow like that as no time, good, pure you. I know people will become, I know life's a little helpless in this society, perhaps the vanity of the community makes you hypocritical, cold and not good.

Become willing to get dirty. I do not know you in the end was thinking, I know I should not over-regulate, I have no right. Yet I never see that once you? Is the knowledge left me complaining of helplessness and sadness? Thank you for an already satisfied me, I hope you well live, for themselves, or some people.
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Hurried pace of life come, we grew up, I do not expect to make you remember what, maybe you're right, we are not all the way man. Since the fit, it should stay it. I think years later a second pass, you and I only crowd, passers-A, Lu Renyi it. I hope I pass by to see happiness in your life smile. But now I want to say to you, if years later, that time you never married, I did not marry, can we together?

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